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Frequently Asked Questions

What is showit?

Showit is a customizable website platform with drag-n-drop features to handcraft your vision as you design it. Showit integrates with Wordpress for double the power of creativity as well. If we end up working together, I can give you one month free of use for new accounts only!

Are there any additional costs involved? 

Yes! You will need to go to the SHOWIT website and purchase your monthly or yearly plan when you're ready. It's a small investment for getting your website live, setup and owning a piece of digital real estate where you can create a business of your own. This purchase is separate from the website designing fee though, if you decide to work with us. Once you have made the purchase of your plan with SHOWIT, then we'll connect through a Zoom.

Can I update my Own website?

Absolutely! Showit makes it easy to make edits on your own. With little or no training, you will feel confident to customize the website as you like, right away. Also, I'll be creating a course on how to use Showit to build your own business soon. It's in the works and will be available this year!  Sign-up and become a VIP MPRINTER to hear updates and more!

What will I need to provide in order to get started?

Besides the information I will need from the questionnaire or from a strategy session, you will need to sign a contract and pay a 50% non-refundable retainer fee upon booking. I do not provide photography, but I can source imagery through stock photos and provide website links for your use. I do not provide copywriting services but I can provide recommendations from my own experience. Please note that I can not begin to work on a website without any content, so you should have website copy, images and an outline of your pages ready. Once you've reserved your spot in my calendar, we will get started on your project. In order to receive your project in a timely matter, communication is very important before and throughout the revision phases.

Are you able to customize a Showit template I purchased?

Yes! I can work with a pre-made template and adjust it just the way you need it. If you have a brand book ready to use as a guide, even better. Let's chat and get started!


Yes! Everything is done online and shared for feedback during our Zoom meetings. Just take in consideration of the time difference so that it works for both parties and we're good! I am in Eastern Time Zone.