I know, because I've been there! I'm a designer, but I get analysis paralysis with all the To-Do lists too. Managing family, life and business requires multiple hats! I feel the self-doubt cloud creeping over my head and the stress raining down on me too. I'm learning failures are lessons and not a life sentence so I should move forward and enjoy the journey and make it purposeful. The seasons of business change all the time and I can either put my talents in my pocket or know that I can serve and teach with impact.

Everyone's "learning journey" has taken different paths and your brand culture will continue to grow and develop through life experiences.  Your skillset, knowledge and talents are unique! Mama wasn't wrong when she said you were special! I'm more of a daddy's girl.  He's the one that influenced my entrepreneurial mindset, but my mom taught me to work hard, to not give up and learn to forgive others. 

Here's why:

Nobody wears your hat best like you do!
Dust your self-doubt off your shoulders and "MPRINTERS" get ready to make your mark!

# mprinters

you ready to get started yet? Let's go...

You have a story to tell and you don't know how to voice it, design it, or share it. Running a business from scratch is not easy, and creating a purpose-driven brand doesn't have to be. You can easily lose yourself with the details that an entrepreneur goes through daily.

- Magdalena Lezama-Escalante

"Branding is like an imprint that becomes the mark of a representation of you and sets the impression of what others think of you"

If I got it right, then I hope you stick around and get to work with me! You'll know and understand my methodology and how I can serve you better.

Do you know why you need me?

I am guessing:

» You are an online business owner or
   just getting started to build one (or two)
» You are an entrepreneur with many                 talents and you don't know where and
   how to get started
» You need help in brand strategy, brand
   identity, business basics and graphic
   design elements for projects, online
   courses, ebooks and PDF designs

» You are an online business owner or
   just getting started to build one (or two)
» You are an entrepreneur with many talents and
   you don't know where and how to get started
» You need help in brand strategy, brand identity,
   business basics and graphic design elements for
   projects, online courses, ebooks, marketing,
   PDF designs, etc. (you get the point).

Here's my short intro...

Delete the nonsense

Return to being discipline and taking action

Shift your path,
and not your goals


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Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, Online Educator, Content Creator, a Homeschool Mom of Boys, a believer in Christ and your Business Guide.

If you are looking for effective critique, a future-focus on your business ideas, or hear a different perspective from a creative director... I can be your brand specialist, your Pinterest idea creator, and your Google button all at the same time. How?

Well, let's just say my mind has a mind of it's own and the tabs are always open, just like my computer! Also, know that I am here to help you in your growing opportunities in tomorrow's creative community. I feel it is my responsibility to impress a mark of knowledge onto others, because your mission is too important to not get noticed.

I'm about strategies, efficiency and systems.

This is a space for visionaries, investigators of design and entrepreneurs desiring to create a purposeful business.

Cultivating Creatives

to become
Methodical Masterminds

...or you could call them
mini-me's, whichever is fine!


Currently, I am the Creative Director of the Graphic Design Department of an Online Christian Academy. For the past 8 years, I've been teaching the curriculum I've developed for high schoolers using the Adobe software. Through project planning, I've integrated brand strategy, brand identity, graphic design skills and business basics so that my students can learn imaginative solutions for the real-world of business. I help them create portfolios that will prepare them for college, attract clients and either become entrepreneurs or find a corporate job. I am really proud of their accomplishments within their Academic year goals!

I'm Magdalena. 

Currently online, I teach high schoolers, around the world about graphic design, business basics and branding.

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-Liz K.

If I could only use three words to describe this course, it would be: practical, interactive, and fun. I feel so much more prepared to take on projects after being in this class. I was talking to some graphic design college students and even after 3 years in, they said they still feel unprepared to go out into the workforce. Considering how much better their skills are compared to mine, its amazing. Not only is the curricula solid, the teacher also takes the time to converse and help.

If you've been struggling with design, branding and figuring out a strategy to work on your business my past students can share how capable and experienced they felt after working with me.

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I can serve you

I bring clarity to your confusion from concept to completion so you can monetize and convert your expertise into a business you'll love.

My approach to helping you become successful is by providing structure, strategy and solutions to your purposeful branding.

What I bring to the table (Besides the table itself) ahem,... literally! ask my Family & friends!

My promise

My Core Values


- C.S. LEwis

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

This    That

What I'd prefer


» Exercising your brain
» Planning ahead before taking a step
» Transparency in teaching + critiquing

I Believe in:

» Researching online after hours
» Putting together plans + formulating ideas
» In my library of notebooks note-taking

» Researching online after hours
» Putting together plans + formulating ideas
» In my library of notebooks note-taking possibilities

You can find me:

» Wasting your time
» Small talk
» People who don't take responsibility

I am not about:

Early Bird

Night Owl
Watch TV